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#24604 - 01/08/09 11:18 AM Multiple Up Postcards needing Tray and Bundle Breaks
Verachuta Offline
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I run a lot of postcards multiple up using PSM 6.0 and a Xerox 7000 hooked up to a CREO. My Excel database created from Bulkmailer contains a column for both tray breaks and bundle breaks.

What I would like to achieve is printing the 9 up 2 sided postcards slip sheeted from a different deck with the tray information printed on the slip sheet.

I read a post above that was similar but did not address the multiple up issue.


#24605 - 01/05/10 10:11 PM Re: Multiple Up Postcards needing Tray and Bundle Breaks
jadez03 Offline
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This may not help you, but what we do here when dealing with tray breaks/multiple columns is we break up our excel database. Say we have a 4up postcard with an 4000 person database. Instead of using the repeat feature in PSM and one set of variables in our database, we use a four-up image of our postcards and four different sets of variables. (Instead of 4000 records in @address@, @name@ etc, we have 1000 in @address1@, 1000 in @address2@, 1000 in @address3@, and 1000 in @address4@.)

Now this requires a bit more work at first, (step and repeating your document to the proper size, and splitting up your database and adding the appropriate fields) but if you find yourself losing a lot of time sorting after cutting, it could really help.

Not sure about slipsheeting, as we don't use it, but I hope I could have been of some help.

#24606 - 01/06/10 10:47 AM Re: Multiple Up Postcards needing Tray and Bundle Breaks
Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre Offline
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It's not really possible to combine N-Up printing jobs with a slipsheet. Repetition in PSM is applied to the entire job, and in order to do what you want, you'd need to have the cards layout printed 9-Up, and the slipsheet layout printed 1-Up. Unfortunately, due to the way PSM works, this is not possible to setup.

Jadez's solution would work better, as in this case you wouldn't have to use repetition, so you could insert a slipsheet in the job. This would take longer to setup however, and requires you to change your database. And before you start doing that, you might want to tell us when the slipsheet is going to print, and what information you want on it, to make sure it is possible. No point in modifying your database and setting up layouts if what you want to do is not possible in the first place.

Hope that helps!