Dear Sir / Madam,

Our planetpress server was installed in VM and run for years.
However, after a few months, our servers needed to be relocated to a rented data center.

We want to backup current entire planetpress VM and then restore to a new VM server in a rented data center. Below are my questions.

1. As far as I know, we need to sign a license transfer form to get a new magic number for this movement, right ?

2. If question 1 is yes, after reactivating the new magic number in new VM server, do all planetpress processes work ?

3. Can you suggest what is the best way to move our planetpress VM servers ?

A. Backup the entire old planetpress VM server, then restore to the new VM server, then reactivate with a new magic number.


B. Reinstall planetpress in new VM server and activate a new VM server.

Which method(A or B) is the best ?

Sorry for asking so many questions.

Thanks and Regards,