Unfortunately transactional data is not something that can be converted like a language or file format. The basics of it is that PrintShop Mail cannot do this type of document (Invoices/Report) as it can't handle variable lengths of data. For example, if you have one invoice with 4 items and another with 6, PrintShop Mail can't determine where your items stop.

Theoretically there may be a way to format this data with a Javascript custom script, however I don't even know for sure - there would definitely be a number of limitations. This is not officially supported by us so the best I can do is leave you with a few examples (provided as is with no warantee whatsoever) and if you know enough Javascript you may be able to figure it out.

Here are some examples from the forum:

If you don't know Javascript or cannot do this on your own, speak to your sales representative (whom you purchased PrintShop Mail from) and he can arrange for an evaluation of this project as a professional service (which entails these services are to be payed).